0417-01 eEnvelopes Software Comparisons

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                              TO:  Interested  Christians                                                                                  FROM: Jim Bramer, Retired CPA 
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                              RE: eEnvelope Software Comparisons                                                          Originated in September  2004                  

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Feature (a)QBPro Quicken/Money Mvelope
    #1 Web Based - Click Here for details No No Yes
  Ask us about QBooks Online Edition      
  Ask us about Crown Money Matters      
    #2 Basic - no need for current edition One time see One time see  $120 each
  www.ebay.com www.ebay.com year
    #3 Buffer Admin Pretty Clean Pretty Clean Little awkward
  -- Cash vs Accrual Basis matters      
    #4 Online Bill Payment  Extra monthly  Not sure Included within
  cost   the above $120
    #5 Equity or Liability portrayal Equity Accts Liability Accts Not applicable
    #7 Transaction movement   Manual or  
  --  Bank Receipts/Checks Manual or via maybe able to  (c)Automatic
          via Online Banking Import/Export(b)   Import/Export(b)  
  --  Credit Card Manual  Manual (c)Automatic
  --  Manual Entry Clean Clean OK, but a little awkward
    #8 Reports      
  --  Account Balance status Clean Clean OK
  --  Envelope Balance or status Clean Clean OK
  --  Tranx Detail Clean Clean OK
(aQBPro2001 worked fine      
(b)  Manually import from Online Bank and manually export to the Intuit product  
(c)  Unless Financial Institution not available      


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