0430-01 Suggested Privacy Vow or Covenant

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           TO: Interested  Christians                                                                                       FROM: Jim Bramer, Retired CPA 
                                                                                                                                                   FILE: 0430-01/env   

            RE: Online Privacy Vow and/or Covenant Issues                                            Originated in October  2004       

          In some of the link contents when you Click Here ,  you will note that I make reference to the value of retaining someone else in order to remotely help you care for some of your Personal Finances.  
          If you were an owner of a business, you likely would have some Public Accountant help you with your bookkeeping and, of course,  ultimately with your business tax returns  -- sometimes this is judiciously done almost entirely Online .  Of course, you would deal with someone that is credible.  When it comes to your Personal Finances, further issues listed below need consideration.

  • Personal finances are often more private than your business matters -- sometimes you need to correct your embarrassing goofs.
  • In a remote relationship,  the two of you would hardly ever see one another face to face, etc.
  • Nevertheless, you must deal with someone that is credible and can help you meet your needs.
  • This person can view Online your Bank Account data and other very personal financial info.
  • Obviously, you must deal with someone that you can fully trust, etc..

        After you checked out this person's credibility by dialoging with someone who knows them (and perhaps with their Pastor, etc.) it would seem that you should seek some type of vow or promise.  See an example below.


TO: Mr. and Mrs.  xxxxxxxxxxxx                                                                              From: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

RE: Onliner Privacy Covenant/Vow                                                                           Date:  Month, Day and Year       

My prayer in this regard is as follows:

    Dear Heavenly Father -- as you know, Lord, I am working Online with Mr. & Mrs. xxxxx and I am remotely privy to their personal finance matters that are extremely private to them. My prayer, or covenant, with you and with them includes at least the following:

    >> Of course, I would never use any of their private financial information for my personal benefit. For example, when they provide me with Online passwords, or related sensitive info, I vow that it will be used only to enhance my ability to assist them in their pursuit of Righteous Personal Finance or like endeavors.
    >> I promise you, and them, Lord, that I will NOT share any of their very private financial matters with anyone else without their approval.
    >> Our interaction will be almost exclusively in writing and a matter of record, etc.
    >> I promise that I will not bother them with irrelevant issues -- or I plan to concentrate on their financial matters, or to help them accomplish such things as the following:

 -- Timely pay their Church Tithes/Pledge commitments as promised to the Lord
 -- Enable them to buy prudently and always pay off their operational Credit Card balance so they never pay Interest/Fees
 -- Reduce their old outstanding debts.
 -- Set aside money for their future endeavors.

    >> As we focus in on their financial matters. I am hoping, Lord, that we can exchange relevant written prayer requests.

     Thank you Lord for Saving me, for placing me within the Beloved, and giving me Eternal  life. Help me serve you effectively.

     This written prayer, or covenant/vow, is made known to Mr & Mrs xxxxx  on the above date.


 Let me know at  Jim@bcidot.org   if you have any comments or questions about such matters.


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