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TO: Interested  Christians                                                                                                            FROM: Jim Bramer, Retired CPA 
                                                                                                                                                                                  FILE: 0425-01/env   

 RE: Two Sides of the Same Dollar  (Coin)                                                                               Originated in October  2004       

          I encourage you to view your Personal Finance records like you have activity within two sides of the same dollar (or coin, if you prefer)  -- yea, they are equal yet separate.  Or, it is divided up in order to show a point in time record of the following:

            Side A -- Available Resources
                       Bank Balances - Checking or Savings
                       "BuyNowPayLater" Enabler - Click Here for more info.

            Side 1 -- Committed Financial Areas

                        Current Unpaid Credit Cards
                        Available in virtual E
nvelopes to be used for Life Style "Spending Now" Purposes
                        SetASide (or Escrowed) for a Specific Longer Term Purpose   
                        See a Church Spending Control sample report below:              

QBooks Types: Assets:      
Bank     Checking- Savings     16,787 
         Total Assets       $16,787 
Acct Pay         Payables       1,689 
Fund Balances - Bux Boxes:      
Equity    Approved donor preferences  $       700    
Equity    Building Fund  $    4,000    
Equity    SetASide by the Board  $  15,774    
Equity    (Deficit) from earlier years  $   (6,362)    
            Total SPFunds    $14,112  
Available for this Years Operations:      
Equity   Church Staff Costs  $      562    
Equity   Missions Costs  $      234    
Equity   Mortgage & Facility Operating Costs  $        56    
Equity   Program #1 Costs  $        34    
Equity   Program #2 Costs  $      100    
      Total GPFund (Deficit)         $986 
             Total Liab and Fund Bal       $16,787 


Some of your activity will affect opposite sides of this dollar --

     >>  For example, we will want to Increase amounts appearing in both Side A and Side 1. An example is to make a deposit into a Bank Balance resource and increase such balances within the applicable "SetASide" or "Envelope" committed areas
     >>  Or we will want to
amounts appearing in both Side A and Side 1. An example is to write a check and reduce both "Bank Balance" & the amount in the applicable "SetASide" or "Envelope" area.  Another example is to write a check and reduce both the "Bank Balance" and the amount of  Current Unpaid Credit Cards. 

While some of the transactions will affect the same side of this dollar --

     >>  For instance, you buy via Credit Cards and you increase the balance in the Current Unpaid Credit Cards and decrease applicable balances within the SetASide or Envelope areas
     >>  Another way is to transfer
among Side 1 areas or move money to or from applicable SetASide or Envelope areas



        Use of the above orthodox terminology is an attempt to NOT use the sometimes confusing vocational terms listed below that have unique meaning to professional Bookkeepers and Accountants, as they record financial transactions and carry out their responsibilities

>> debits
>> credits
>> accounts
>> assets
>> liabilities

        Since  the primary objective of the  Envelope system and the  QBuxBox system  is to provide tools in order for Christians to live within their income and prudently care for available  resources and their commitments,  we do NOT emphasize the acquisition or performance of investments.   We sometimes show in memo fashion the status of old debt that you are trying to pay off.



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and to be
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