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                           TO:  Interested Churches                                                                   FROM: Jim Bramer, Retired CPA-Auditor
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                           RE:  Church Web Accounting Systems                                         Originated:  August 2000                                        

        The scenario below is primarily for the Smaller Church where volunteers use the Internet, mostly at home, but also at the Church, to meet the needs of their Ministry Finance Team.   See also the information found Here   Here and Here.  You might especially note the Online service set forth Here  and the proposed eExchequer Services discussed Here plus the New Ministry and Internet Centric (or Internet Friendly) information updated in February 2006 as found Here.


        Chris ------- Computer Contribution Bookkeeper

    Responsible for accurate and complete entry of batch donation information into the  NetDonaM  (Click thereon and go to more info herein)  Internet System. The end result of this usual weekly process is to balance the money deposited and to provide Church Fund totals.   Also Go Here.

        Fran ------ Computer Fund Acctg Bookkeeper

    Among other computer accounting duties, be responsible to place into the NetReg (Click thereon and go to more info herein) Internet system the weekly deposit and credits amounts to proper Church Funds.

        Clare ------ Church Secretary, etc.

    Among many other Church Office duties, be responsible for completeness and accuracy of the needed people information for mailings within the NetDonaM Internet system..

        Lee -
- -   Church Treasurer

    Responsible for financial report structure and presentation, budget establishment and compliance, plus other Church Treasurer  "big pix"  functions of Church finance management.


     Click here for detailed information about ASP (Application Service Providers) Internet Systems.  The essence of an ASP system is that cutting edge software resides on a secure Web Site that is Internet accessible by authorized people/entities. Under an  ASP arrangements, all parties virtually function as if they were all using the same software system, and content, via their own computer network. There is one set of records, but usable by different appropriate parties to meet their unique needs. 

NetDonaM (1)

    This Internet ASP system handles Donation and Mailing information like: Constituent (more than just Church Members, etc)  profile, mailing address and Donation or giving data.  Please Go Here  for more DonaMail info.  Since it resides on a ASP Web Site, it is accessible by any authorized password-able person. 

NetReg (2)

    This Internet System is an ASP that handles the usual Fund Accounting needs of a Church.  The includes Actual to Budget records.  Please Go Here  for more information on this over-all topic.


    Chris heads up a Counter Team that preferably does it's work on Sunday at the Church and safely gets the deposit to the Bank via their night depositary. The ideal is for Chris to give the Counters direction as they access the NetDonaM System via the Computer at the Church.  This process could include two people proving such steps as the following:

  •   Verify cash/checks to Giving Envelopes.
  •   Verify Donation designations to the Giving Envelopes.
  •   Placing such documentation into batches of 20 or less.
  •   Balance each batch.
  •   Input each batch into the NetDonaM system
  •   Prove each batch and 
  •   Ultimately to the actual checks/cash of the deposit.
  •   Print out necessary list of checks/cash required by your local bank as part of the deposit slip, etc.
  •   Of course, the above process includes the total giving by the indicated funds.

    The above use of the NetDonaM system by the Counters is not always possible, so Chris, after assisting in getting the deposit to the Bank, uses the Internet at home to access the NetDonaM System and posts and balances to the counter dollar batches above, plus updates the latest Donor profile. 

                  Issues that involve Fran include at least the following:

  •    Fran is a Volunteer and serves the Church primarily from home.
  •    Fran has access via the Internet at home to the above NetDonaM system
  •    And obtains the needed weekly deposit and fund assignment information
  •    For entry into the NetReg System.
  •    But Fran and Chris sometimes function from the Church and they can also access either the NetDonaM or NetReg systems from this location.
  •    Issues that involve Clare and other Church staff include at least the following:

>> The NetDonaM has the most current donor profile as provided by counters.
Clare can input address and profile info from non-counter sources into  NetDonaM system.
>> Donor or Giving info is pass-word protected and not available to Clare and other Church staffers.
Clare can provide Church group leaders or make mailings with latest known info.
>> Pastor and other approved leaders use the Internet from any place and obtain latest info 

          See Issues below that involve Lee, or the Church Treasurer:

  •    Has Internet access to any needed NetDonaM finance info
  •    Has Internet access to the latest NetReg reports and/or related info. Or can know at any time Church Fund Balances or Actual to Budget info. 


        Via the Internet, have ready access to needed financial information by the appropriate party. If your church also has Pre-School or beyond, then Go Here  to link to some Internet School Accounts Receivable matters.    
       Much of this ASP effort is new and evolving, especially for Ministries.  Let us know of your interest as we join you in being eager for the complete utilization and effectiveness of such ASP tools for quality Ministry purposes.  

     Please Click here for list of Church resources here on www.bcidot.org.  This was   UPTD: March 09, 2012