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Designed primarily for Evangelical Churches (2xxx-xx indicates a dialog format)

0300-01 eFINFAX Mission Statement 0300-01 uptd 11-08-09
2004-07 Acctg Issues Unique to a Church 2004-07 ZZeod
2009-07 Pastor in Control of Church Finances - ZZeod
2020-07 Donation Systems at Ministries -ZZeod
2026-07 Finance Job Desc or Duties at a Church - 2026-07 ZZeod
2034- 07 QB and Church - Set up dialog etc - 2034-07 ZZeod
2035-07 Church Chart of Account Info - 2035-07 ZZeod
2036-07 Online Giving & Worship at a Church - 2036-07 ZZeod
2039-07 Purchase Order (P.O.) Alternative - 2039-07 ZZeod
2040-07 CPA Audit Issues at a Church 2040-07- ZZeod
2042-07 Contemporanteous Donation Receipts ZZeod
Accounting Options at a Church 5010-02 ZZchu
Accounting System Essentials   0031-77  ZZall
Acctg and Church Budgets 5009-02 ZZchu
Acctg at a Church via QBOE Web System 0802-01 ZZweb
Annual Budget - Sacred? 0910-03 ZZfwi
Annual Church Operating Financials 5999-99 ZZchu
Annual GAAP Financial Issues at a Church 5700-07 ZZchu
Auxiliary Groups Finance Issues related to -- 5090-02 ZZchu
Benevolent Fund Thoughts/Protocol  5021-02  ZZchu
Big Pix Finance Reporting at a Church  5012-02  ZZchu
Big Pix Reporting - More Info         5022-02  ZZchu
Budget at a Church-Comments 5008-77 ZZchu
Budgets, Approved Annual Budget Process, etc 5013-02 ZZchu
Buying Protocol at a Church - Q & A 5014-06 ZZchu
Combined Mission Org & School Issues 8910-02 ZZmis
Construction or Facility Bldg Issues ZZchu
Counting Issues at a Church 5001-77 ZZchu
Debt and Ministry          0126-02                ZZall
Edited Onliner Dialogs re Churches   5000-00   ZZchu
eFINFAX Mission Statement 0300-01 uptd 04-17-09
Electronic Church Financial Ideals  5016-02  ZZchu
Ethnic Ministries and Church Finances 5003-01 ZZchu
Financial Policy Manual at a Church, Sample of -- 5005-08 ZZchu
FinFax Mission Statement 0300-01 uptd 12-14-09
FISCAL FUEL Stewardship   0093-01   ZZhlp
GAAP at Ministries                         0004-01          ZZall
GAAP RECAP Work Trial Bal    5699-07  ZZchu
Grade Report re Church Fiscal Matters, Sample of  5128-77   ZZChu
Homer Tasks/Issues at a Church 5777-07 ZZchu
If Jim Bee was the Church's Vol Board Treasurer 5089-02 ZZchu
Internal Audit Group - 0113-01 ZZall
Internal Control Self Exam Questions at a Church    5039-77  ZZchu
Internal Financial Control Ideals at a Church 5039-01 ZZchu
Internal Financial Control Ideals      0039-01      ZZall
Internal Financials Controls - Self Testing 0039-77 ZZall
Members - Finance info to Church 5004-01 ZZchu
Missions Finance Issues at a Church 5015-02 ZZchu
New Churches - New or" Lil Sister" Church --- 5050-02 ZZchu
New Treasurer at a Church dialog 5091-02 ZZchu
One Page Sample Annual Church Operating Financials  ZZqbsam
Online (Web based ) Ministry Finance Applications 0175-99 ZZall
Policies - Financial - at a Church - Q & A 5005-01 ZZchu
QB Church Fund Accounting Samples    ZZchu
QB Church Management Systems-CMS --- 0645-02 ZZqbb
QB Church Samples Link      5900-01                 ZZchu
QB Companies - multiple at a Church    0611-19  ZZqbb
QB Features at a Church    0609-01  ZZqbb
QB Giver DBase Accounting 0621-02 ZZqbb
QBOE via the Web System for Churches  5802-01  ZZchu
Raw Land - Investment or Fixed Asset 0103-02 ZZall
Restricted Donation Issues at a Church -- 5040-02 ZZchu
Scrip Issues - mostly at a Church  5018-06  ZZchu
Self Funding Church Activities     5023-02  ZZchu
Small Church - Business Adm Helps    0924-03 ZZfwi
Virtual Debt Servicing Matters   5019-02   ZZchu
Web Accounting System Sample at a Church 5888-01 ZZchu
Weekly Church Acctg System Issues 0912-03 ZZfwi


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