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   To:  Interested Onliners                                                                                FROM:  Jim Bramer, Retired Auditor-CPA                       
                            ID: 0777-77/all   

    RE:  Search means within our Web Sites                     Date Originated:  January 2009  ---  Updated:  November  2009

NOTICE:       In the  index pages identified below,  we now have some "Key Word or Terminology"  Search capabilities --- ask me at  if you need more info.   

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         Below is a hypothetical Online Email between and one of the following  "Ministry Finance Team" members: Pat (Ministry Executive), Lee (Ministry Volunteer Treasurer), and Fran (Ministry Computer Bookkeeper).   

From:  Pat - 

            This is January 2009,  Jim,  and Lee, Fran and I want to thank you for providing us with such a wealth of free information within, and . .  We have already obtained some significant insight and important financial directions for our Ministry from these meaningful sources. 
            However, for such valuable information, it is our opinion that the organization and navigational structure of such websites are in need of some improvements.  I say this with all due respect to you as a fellow Christian and not to condemn your efforts to serve Christian Ministries.  I know you have a lot of material, but I have been frustrated in readily finding what I need, etc.  I trust you can improve this.


            I am MOST grateful for your candid remarks above on this topic, Pat.  Please join me in prayer about how such improvements should take place as I too want such information to be available to such "Christ-Centered Ministries" as yours and as useful as possible.
            Since you folks are not the first ones to express some concerns about this,  I have done some thinking/praying about Onliners
 as virtually any one who comes here)  like you folks being able to locate and find the information contained in the over 800 web pages here on these websites.

From:  Pat - 

          Wow, Jim .. I knew there is a lot of "stuff" out there, but I did not realize there are that many web pages.


            Please continue to pray as I keep pursuing this entire matter as it is my desire for you Onliners to "Find the good web site stuff amidst all of the clutter."  But for now I have taken the following steps in order to meet the needs of you Onliners

      a>     See my October 2009 comments above re portions of   The web sites  and  each has less that 80 web pages.  Like what I have mentioned above, you can also go to the bottom of these smaller web sites after  October 2009  and find some search capabilities.  Let me know at if you have comments or questions.
      b>  We will continue to improve via  the web site's "Table of Contents."  We have already reduced the number of links that show up within the   resource.  
      c>  We will continue to provide you Onliners with an alternative way to get this information within these websites.   Namely, you let me know your "Key Words or Terminology" via Email sent to  and, as the authorized website  administrator,  I will see what I can find.  Then  I send my "Search" relevant results to the Onliner by return Email as soon as possible.

             What do you think, Pat?

From:  Pat - 

            Sounds great  ..   please locate some resources in order to do this as you do whatever you can to make it easier for us (you call us Onliners) to find and use such meaningful information.   Thanks again, Jim, for your service.

Contact   if you have comments or questions.