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                             TO:  Interested Ministries                                                                             FROM: Jim Bramer,  Retired Auditor-CPA
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                              RE:  Online (Web-Based)  Ministry Finance Applications                  Originated:    December 2003                                           

          Below is a hypothetical Online Email thread (THRD) between and one of these Ministry MFTeam members: PAT (Ministry Executive), LEE (Ministry Volunteer Treasurer), and FRAN (Ministry Computer Bookkeeper).   

From:  Lee - 

     Hi Jim.  If you remember, I am the Board Treasurer of  Redeemer Chapel;  and we are a medium sized Church with a Christian School (K-12).  Oh yes, we also have the Scrip Store.  I have read the link contents found Here   and Here  as you shared with regard to: "If Jim Bramer were the Board Treasurer, what would he do, etc."   I monthly receive your JIMs JRNL so I have also viewed the This  and  This .   I have also read your editorials found Here ,  Here.  and Here.   
By the way --- I find your new Control Spending  web site very very interesting!!!!  
    What I would like to dialog with you about is using the Internet, or the Web, to efficiently care for Ministry finance responsibilities here at Redeemer Chapel..

     From:  Jim

        It is always good to hear from a fellow CPA, Lee.  You are no doubt discovering that using computers and the Internet to efficiently do accounting is also becoming more and more "interesting"  at your accounting and tax practice, Lee.  Recently within there has been much discussion about how CPAs are effectively serving in many other states or throughout the world via the Internet, etc.
        With respect to some Ministry Finance applications, let me debrief below:

    1>  All users of such applications at a Ministry need to be comfortable using computers to access and use safe and reliable Internet resources - some are not.  It must be a tool and not a tyrant, etc. For instance, I am real proud of my 90 year old Mother who uses Email and sends us E-Greeting cards.
    2>  The major application users really should have one of the fast connections, or they will be frustrated.  The Internet response to actions taken really should be equal to your desktop response to Desktop actions taken.
    3>  It is great to not have to worry about backups or other computer desktop aspects. Plus, of course, we do not have to buy software and all of us always use the latest version.
    4>  It is great that so many of us can access Online the same info from virtually anywhere with as much security as we now expect from our Online Banking applications. This alone greatly adds to efficient communication of financial facts and cuts down on copy distribution, etc.

From: Lee  --

        Very helpful, Jim.  Thank you for this debriefing.  There is every indication here at the Church that we do want to use such tools and be the best stewards of such resources as possible.  

    From: Jim --

        Let me share the Online (Web Based) Ministry Finance Applications grid below with you, Lee. 
        Please note that within this grid I had in mind the smaller Ministry and have attempted to identify each application by type of Ministry.  Also note that I have tried to make known, to the best of my knowledge,  whether the Online Ministry Finance Application is currently available.  If available, you will note that more information is available within the highlighted links, etc. I have provided certain highlighted links that include some ideas about unavailable but needed Online Ministry Finance Applications.

xx   The application shown below is apparently not available
  xx The application shown below is apparently available   -
   Please Click on highlighted Internet links below for more info
  Generic To: Church


Scrip  MAgency Camp
xx     Web Based Acctg via Online Volunteers - 0930 xx xx xx xx xx
  xx Fund Accounting - 0801  -- Also see   0041 xx xx xx xx xx
  xx   Receipts via the Internet - see applicable info at: 0907 xx xx   xx xx
  xx Actual to Budget by Depart Acctg Groups (DAGs) xx xx xx xx xx
  xx Budget via BuxBox Expense Control - 0002 xx xx xx xx xx
xx DAGer view only Budget report/tranx detail info xx xx xx xx xx
  xx ePayroll - with Clergy aspects -Paycycle xx xx xx xx
xx     Complete and process time sheets Online xx xx xx xx xx
  xx eBill Management  - 0926 xx xx xx xx xx
xx Internal eAuditor and Board Treasurer view only xx xx xx xx xx
xx External eAuditor access/view so they can do
       things during the year - like viewing tranx and do confirmations xx xx xx xx xx
            :       Unique to:          
    Churches 5109          
xx Counters and eDonation do record keeping - 5888 xx
  xx eDonaMail - see ASPs in  0078 xx
xx eSchar (School Acct Rec) application - 7888 xx
  xx School and Outsourcer both have equal access
       to current info -- see 7888  for details xx
xx Parents/Students have Online access to eSchar info xx
xx They pay via CrCard or Elec Funds Transfers (EFTs) xx
    Scrip  Store (1) 0188            
xx Improve Merchandise Inventory Management xx


Do Buyer Residual Accounting - like Fund Acctg xx
xx Buyer view amount of Residual Balance  xx
xx Buyer find available inventory to buy Online xx
xx       Make purchase or place order xx
xx       Pay via Credit Card or EFT xx
xx       Arrange for delivery or pickup xx
    Mission Agencies 8888-            


eDonaMail - see WEB references in  0078 xx
xx Staffer have unique access to eDonaMail file portion xx
xx Staffer sends "thank you letters with receipt" or make mailings xx
xx    for their own support or for a Mission Project xx
xx Groups like Schools/Churches make and pay for eReservations xx
xx Individual Camper make and pay for eReservations xx

From: Lee  --

        Thanks, Jim -- this is very helpful and pertinent.  Let me digest this grid content above and then get back to you after I have had some discussions with our Finance Team..  We may need your help in implementing some of these Online (Web-based) Ministry Finance Applications or we may want to do some pioneering with you regarding some of your ideas. 
        Again, thank you for your help.

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