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   OK - OK, I know, I know.  This doesn't have anything directly to do with Ministry Finance  or  Righteous Personal Finance  per se, but all of us need to manage "Daily Tasks" , or TO DO items  ---  and maybe this will help us do this even better.


       First, let me share with you a quote I uncovered recently:

       "If your  'Todo'  lists contain no due dates, then you are dealing in dreams. Dreams and aims hint at directions you would like to go, but they are deficient in time and measurement. If you haven't set deadlines or organized your tasks using language that identify them clearly to all concerned, then your lists contains aims, not goals.  If you want to accomplish goals, then your list should have due dates and deal in reality"


        Second, I realize that management of 'To do' tasks conform to your specific style .... the following might, however, be of practical help to you.
        Some of us write down a group's tasks, which can be done at one time, on a single sheet of paper -- I prefer them to all be the same 8 1/2 by 5 1/2 size. The upper right hand corner contains the group identifier  (like "Name of Onliner" in my case) and the body of the sheet describes the specific tasks.

      TRUISM - - - immediately upon recognition of a "to do" item, you WRITE IT DOWN ---- which means you have means to "write it down" with you at all times.  "I must remember to do so and so" things surface at all points in our lives. I don't know about you, but I simply do not trust myself to NOT write it down.  Plus it it 'freeing' to not have to remember, etc. 

        Then sort these sheets of paper in priority order throughout both the day and the week.
        I find that a single 'To do laundry list' containing many groups and due dates on one sheet of paper discourages priority arrangements - separate pieces of paper can be readily sorted and resorted in priority order as often as necessary. 
        Some of us even do something similar using folders (task groups) and files (task description) on our computer desktop.


                Please also Go Here for some 'Follow-up' management thoughts.

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