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                     TO:  Interested Camp/Conference Ministry                                                               FROM: Jim Bramer, Auditor-CPA
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If Jim Bee  was the Volunteer Board Treasurer 
                                        of a Christian Camp/Conf Center                                                             
Originated: September 2000                     

   Below is a hypothetical Online Email thread (THRD) between Jim@bcidot.org   and members of the M)inistry F)inance Team - MFTeam: MFTeam members are PAT (Ministry Executive), LEE (Volunteer Board Treasurer), and/or FRAN (Ministry Computer Bookkeeper).  Click here and go to List of threads (THRDs) at Ministry Finance Team Helps

          Fr:  LEE

      Jim, I am the Voluntary Board Treasurer of a Christian Camp and Conference.  We have a general fund annual budget of over $500,000 and we have funds for our building projects.  
       Basically I would be interested in what you would do if you were in my place, or what would you do if you were the Voluntary Board Treasurer of such a Ministry.
       But, please first share with me your background as to Christian Camps.

         FR:   Jim@bcidot.org 

      That sounds like a ' fun'  thing to do, Lee   .... remember some of what follows is rather platonic, or ideal,  and not always practical in all Ministries.  During the past three/four decades I have served maybe a dozen different Christian Camps or Conference Ministries as their CPA-Auditor.

Fr:  LEE

    Good ..... thanx, Jim; now please share some specifics of what you do, etc.

FR:  Jim

               >>   We would embrace much of what is Here  as we handle restricted or "Spoken For" money.

     >>   Effective communication re finances at a Camp-Conference Ministry must take place.  Those that need to know MUST understand the financial information so timely decisions can be made. I would require full or complete, not cash only, ministry financial information so that we know immediately who belongs to the monies on deposit and where we are  financially.  We would embrace the issues found Here regarding Generally Accepted Acctg Principles (GAAP) both during the year and at the end of the fiscal year.  We would embrace as much of the 21st Century computer and electronic applications as possible.  See the last item below where you can access links on Ministry Finance Team Helps  where I have answered like questions for Churches, Schools and Mission Agencies.

     >>   Please view the  QuickBooks (TM) (QB)   Sample Financial Reports -- we would have reports like these or better; 

     >>   Please Go Here  for Camp Ministry funding matters - this Three Prong approach makes sense to me, but would need to study it more in your setting, etc.
     >>    (1) There would be a computerized system called 
CARRR, (C>amp A>ccounts R>eceivable R>egistration R>eservation) with features like the following: 

--- The Camp/Conference Ministry would have a CARRR integrated Web site.
--- Individual Campers, or Groups like Schools or Churches, would use the Web Site to register and/or make reservations within the Internet Online
CARRR system. 
--- A Group would receive a discount as they go to the Web Site and remotely enter each Camper's details into the CARRR system; to especially include Children Camper's profile information for such things as emergencies, etc
--- CARRR would be Integrated within such software as  QuickBooks (TM)  so various transactions would flow to or from it seamlessly.
--- CARRR would account for reservation deposits for both Groups or individual Campers
--- Groups or Campers could go Online and pay the amount owed to the Camp or Conference --  please go to www.e-giving.org for more specifics.  Please Go Here  for more information on this topic. 
--- CARRR would care for Groups or Camper reservation and location preferences.

    >>  The Camp/Conference  DonaMail system financial information would flow seamlessly/electronically to such software as QuickBooks (TM) (QB) system. 

    >>  Donors
would be able to pay their repetitive pledges as we write a check equivalent on their Bank Account at the agreed time for the agreed amount, etc.  Again, see  www.e-giving.org  for such repetitive Online payment features.  We would also accept post-dated checks (Drafts) within this context.

    >>   Please Go Here  for "Boonies" cash handling issues; we would strive for as much internal controls as feasible..

    >>   Please Go Here  for Plastic buying protocols; which often serves a Ministry better than a purchase order system..

    >>   We would earn additional Interest Income by making full use of automatic Sweep features. If no Sweep, arrange for the appropriate alternative as you via Online Banking monitor Checking Account balance; and then manually move funds from DIBS to Checking, etc. 

    >>   We would use the Online Payments process to pay as many of the repetitive bills as possible. See Content Here  for possibilities.

    >>   We would "Outsource" the entire Payroll and net pay would be electronically deposited to employee's bank account.

    >>   We would make use of applicable generic 21st Century Ministry finance features found in the following dialogs with such Ministry Finance Teams - MFTeams:  Please see the content Here  Here and Here

                                Church                      5089       5888       5016
                                School                      7089       7888       7016
                                Mission Agency      8089       8888       8016

    >>   Plse click here.  We would use as many of the indicated Online (Web) Finance applications as possible.

    >>   Plse be aware of the available 
"Spending Controls" resources when you Click Here after July 2006 for Ministries handling $500,000 or less per annum  

    >>   For  more details concerning any of this, please contact us at Jim@bcidot.org  :

    The bulk of this Publication originated in September 2000.   UPTD: March 09, 2012    CONTACT:  Jim@bcidot.org