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                          RE:  Policies, Finance, Resources                                                                   Originated;   March 2000                    

        As found within our Glossary, our definition of policy is "something that you always do or something that you never do ..... within a specific set of circumstances."  In the linked publications below, we have presented some questions and in answering them a Ministry establishes some generic fiscal/finance policy issues. We encourage you to conclude these "type of Ministry" policy issues first and then personalize for your specific set of financial circumstances and get them written down.

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  •     School                                 7003-01
  •     Mission Agency                 8502-01

            After you are finished with the above process, we recommend that you study the content of the following publications where we have  mentioned some type of meaningful fiscal policy.  Please click here regarding Policy Manual as you use all of these resources to integrate therein.  

Business Office-Finance Tasks 
Check Signing at a Ministry 
Church Budgets and Accounting
Church Budget Comments
Church Buying Protocol - Q & A 
Debt and Ministry 
Designated Staff Donations Q & A
Donations - Cal Year End Issues 
Finance Meetings
Finance Committees-Perspective
Founder Ministry Finance Questions 
Fund Gathering-Raising Perspective 
Fund Raising Philosophy 
Gifts in Kind Acctg and Tax Issues
Gleanings from Proverbs 
Investments and Cash Management 
Internal Auditor Matters
MIFI (Most Important Financial Issues) 
Ministry Finance Team Info 
New Church Fiscal Matters 
Personalized Giving Issues 
Phiscal (Fiscal) Philosophy - 
Plastic Buying and Vendors 
Reports, Ministry Finance 
Schar Policies and Related 
Schar Seasons of the Year 
Schar  - Who Cares ? 
Self Examination Issues 
Self Examination - Ministry 
Taxation IRS - Sequence 
Ten Commandments - Ministry Finance
Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer 
Treasurer, Volunteer Ministry
Trust-Fiduciary Funds 

     The bulk of this Publication originated in March 2000 and was       UPTD: March 09, 2012   .