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                            TO:  Interested Ministries                                                                                 FROM: Jim Bramer, Retired Auditor-CPA
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                             RE:  Scrip and the eScrip System                                                                Originated:   August 2000                

                            Below is a copy of an Email which substantially describes how the eScrip System works.


        You will remember that some Scrip Store merchants, emphasize the paperless eScrip method whereby a percentage of every dollar spent there automatically comes to the Scrip Store as an available credit. The use of this credit is handled like all other Scrip Store credits.
        Upon accessing the eScrip web site we find that sample statistics regarding our XYZ Ministry as of today indicate the following:  Seventeen (17) of our Buyers now use eScrip:  There was $994.37 spent by these buyers during May xxxx which resulted in $21.77 Credit.  In June xxxx there was $1,662.71 spent which resulted in a credit of $42.18.
        See the Email Appendage below. Unless we hear otherwise by xx-xx-xx, these FAQ answers will go into effect.

                - - - - - -EMAIL APPENDAGE - - - -

Proposed eScrip FAQs  ---- F)requently A)nswered Q)uestions 

Question # 1
    We signed up with eScrip recently and do not know when our purchases begin to provide us with eScrip credit.

                Answer # 1
                Your registration is processed by eScrip right away and your eScrip credit begins to accumulate, but they apparently do not acknowledge your registration. Plus it takes some 45 days until your eScrip Credit is known by eScrip and ultimately by us at the SCRIP Store.

Question # 2
    Does the SCRIP Store receive a report of those who have signed up with eScrip?

                Answer # 2
                    Yes,  our SCRIP Store people can find this out as they access this web site and obtain such info ....... plus the monthly amount of the eScrip credit from your purchases, if any.  This info is password protected.

Question # 3
    How soon can we use the eScrip credit for authorized SCRIP Store purposes?

                Answer # 3
                    As soon as we know and record the eScrip Credit amount.

Question # 4
    What is the best way to find out how much of our eScrip credit is available?

                Answer # 4
                    Please Email the Scrip Store and obtain your entire SCRIP Store Acct Balance info (which includes the latest eScrip credit). Please indicate if you want SCRIP Store Acct Balance details or just the available balance.

Question # 5
    Can I access via the Internet and obtain this information?

                Answer # 5
                    Yes, for those of you that are interested (when you go to their web site, you are known as Supporters) they provide you with an ID number and password so you can directly obtain and monitor your own information.

     - - T H R U S T - - -

     The SCRIP Store is to obtain this eScrip Credit info approx the 15th of each month (by accessing the Web Site). A SCRIP Store Receivable (for this known eScrip upcoming check) will be established and the eScrip credits will be added to your SCRIP Store Acct Balance.
      Concept ----- the amount of the eScrip Credit is available to buyers when known --- not when the check arrives from eScrip.

      The bulk of this Publication originated in August 2000 and was     UPTD: March 09, 2012