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                              TO:  Interested Ministries                                                                       FROM: Jim Bramer, Retired Auditor CPA
                                                                                                                                                    FILE:  0031-77/all

                               RE:  Accounting System Essentials                                                   ORIGINATED:  October 2000                   

    When you retire you should clean out the old files ..... throw things away, right !!  Well,  in this process I came across some 'stuff'  that was shared in our November 1977 client bulletin.  It seems that the questions below are just as relevant today.  You might also find the info   FOUND HERE   also helpful.                                  


    If you have Ministry Finance responsibilities, grade yourself via the following:

      Strong OK Weak
  1        Does our Accounting System provide timely information        
   so decisions can be made?   ____ ____ ____
  2        Does it give readers adequate and timely '"where are         
  we"   and "where have we been"  Info   ____ ____ ____
  3        Does it show trends or provide a means for comparison of         
  where we are in relation to where we should be?   ____ ____ ____
  4        Can the system be managed by the applicable staffer?   ____ ____ ____
  5         Does it provide a means of financial internal control        
   over recorded assets?   ____ ____ ____
  6         Does it enhance accountability of all financial         
  resources and obligations?   ____ ____ ____
  7         Does it satisfy necessary record keeping for taxing         
  authorities and internal and external auditing?   ____ ____ ____
  8        Does it show where assets came from and where they        
   went for a "Period of Time?"    ____ ____ ____
  9        Especially in relationship to what was authorized (Budget)? ____ ____ ____
 10        Does it reflect the status of Assets, liabilities and         
  Fund (SPFund) Balances at a certain "Point in Time?"   ____ ____ ____
 11        For Ministries,  does it clearly show you the status of        
   both Restricted and Unrestricted Fund Balances at        
   a certain "Point in Time?"   ____ ____ ____
 12         Does it bespeak a financial message; does it articulate        
    Ministry Finances to those who should know?    ____ ____ ____

   If you agree that matters above are "Weak",  you should make the necessary corrections.

      This Publication was rejuvenated in October 2000  and was further  UPTD: March 09, 2012