Attendance and/or Membership Info










Address info





Individual records





Visitor records





Auto-transfer visitors to membership database





Create groups to track committees, group activities, hobbies, etc.





Create user-defined fields





Event Attendance





Class Attendance





Group Attendance





Maintain detailed Group history





Visitation Records





Bulk Mailing





Reports - as defined










Print any report in PDF format





Send individual e-mails using your email software





Pictorial Directories





Attendance Reports





Missing Reports





Save e-mails, letters and card notices to a record





Custom Reports





Export to WordŽ, ExcelŽ, etc.










                                                    Donations Info










Unlimited number of contributors





Applicable number of giving funds










Create groups for giving units





Pledge accounting





Giving History















Giving Statements each calendar year





Report Giving per deposit





Comparison Reports





Receipts - when/if needed





Custom Reports





Print any report in PDF format





Export to WordŽ, ExcelŽ, etc.






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