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                             RE: My Personal "Bio"                                                                                                                Originated in September 1999                              


       My dear wife Bettie; please  Click Here   and  Here  for more information about the celebration of our 50th and 55th wedding anniversaries.  In 1994 Bettie retired from the "Biola University's Bookstore" after more than 27 years. In April 2009 she retired (again) after working part-time for over 7 years  as a Church Secretary. 

       We have four children and their spouses who now live in the following general areas: Salem, ORE,  Modesto, CALand Sacramento, CAL; nine grand-sons, two grand-daughters (one is now as a  full-time Missionary with Campus Crusade for Christ)  and beginning in 2006 we have grand-sons/daughters in law. 
We are great grand-parents as of August 2007.  Please  Click Here  and view more pictures of our grandson's 2008  "Naval Academy" graduation and commissioning.

Background and Vocation

        In  1952  I graduated from High School in La Grande, ORE (located in the Eastern part of Oregon not too far from the Washington and Idaho borders) and immediately went to "Kinman Business University"  in Spokane, WASH until I went into the U. S. Army and served mostly in the "Army Finance Division" at  Ft. Lewis, Washington until 1956,  I became a Certified Public Accountant (CPA)  in 1960 while working mostly for CPA firms in the Spokane, WASH  area.   In l963 we moved from Spokane to the Southern CAL area where I served  "Biola University" (1) as Comptroller until 1968 when I returned to public accounting.  

        Ultimately I became
the founding partner of the Southern CAL CPA firm of  "Bramer, Corsello and Vander Spek."   After some 20 years I amicably left this CPA firm and began serving  ONLY  Evangelical Christ-Centered Ministries by myself  as an Auditor-CPA.  

        After living more than 30 years in the  La Mirada Southern CA  area (almost next to Biola University), we
followed some of our family and moved to the Fresno, Central CAL area in 1994.    During retirement in 1999  I  started  the  Ministry Finance Team Helps  web site and then in 2006 a  Spending Controls  sister web site.  In 2008  the  Brad's Nest of Bees  web site got under way.

Click Here  for more information as how I function today as a "Auditor-CPA" who is retired, but virtually as would a Missionary with a vocational and Online emphasis.  My major Ministry emphasis during this time in my life is to maximize the resources of the Internet plus allied Computer system resources for the use of Christ-Centered  Entities  as they righteously manage their finances.   This primarily applies to Small Ministries who handle some $500.000 per annum or less but also some Christ Centered Family Units - CCFUs.

        A major resource in doing this is what I call the  eFinFax  accounting system.  I do NOT do tax returns or provide CPA audit, or attestation, services.   Please  Click Here  for information about my recent paid 10 year assignment as a Helper  at a local good sized church.  

      You might find of interest our free WebBOOKs
when you  Go Here.   If interested,  you can also  Go Here  for more information about some available resources.  I have done some writing and public speaking on these matters.                  

Other Important Issues

       I became a  BLVR  when I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior as a teenager in La Grande, ORE  (Click Here for more information about my becoming a  BLVRwhile attending a Conservative Baptist Church there.  Since then, I have been part of  such Churches  where I have served in various capacities;  our Conservative Baptist Church home now is "Riverpark Bible Church"  in Fresno, CAL.

served on the Board and as Treasurer of the "Evangelical Christian Credit Union - "ECCU"  in Southern CAL for most of the 1980s.

      (1)  By "Filtered" we mean that our phone answering device at our home will usually come on.   If we are here and recognize you,  we likely will respond to your call.   Thank you for understanding the use of this tool.

 Originated in September 1999:   UpdatedMarch 14, 2013