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          Every "Christ Centered Entity"  (often called a Christian Ministry/Endeavor or Person/Family) should be the very best steward of their financial resources.    My name is Jim Bramer and as a retired Auditor-CPA my personal goal is to help them adhere to Scriptural Truths found when you Go Here as they especially utilize the applicable "Online Tools" that are available via Computers and the Internet.  

           I suppose there are numerous times when both CFO Brad Pendable and I resemble our accountant friend shown here that Norman Rockwell depicted some time ago.  Both of us are publishing some free Internet Books beginning in October 2009  ---  we prefer the term "WebBOOKs" (not eBooks) since they flow from our web sites.   Please note more information about these publications below.

          One Internet tool is what is called "links", or hyper-link captions.  They allow you to "link" to an Internet resource as you "click" and go immediately to the related topic via the Internet.   For example, please notice these "Blue" "links" herein;  we appreciate your concern when you Click Here and read about the danger in their possible excessive use.

        As mentioned above, it is our desire to do our part in empowering    Christ Centered Entities  to be the righteous stewards of financial resources for which they are responsible.  A meaningful way to do this is for their people to have access to written or non verbal material;   yea,  “Book”  like  resources.

        Further, any user of our "WebBOOKs"  (we will reference such a person as a WebReader or eReader)  will NOT have to pay money in order to use them ---  like when you buy the usual hard copy book.  There are no "copyright" features involved with any of these  "WebBOOKs";  or you can go to our Website and not pay money as they do such things as the following: 

      1>    Read the content of any of these free  "WebBOOKs" directly from the Website itself so that our mutual objectives are reached.  Namely, we share our applicable experiences and/or thoughts in writing on that topic and utilize it to appropriately manage this area of their endeavor. 
       2>   Or, as applicable, you can move the contents of these  "WebBOOK"  pages (produced using the “html” Internet facility) to a Document (like Word or PDF) on your computer where you can link to Internet writings, or any other such resource, as you carry out perhaps your learning and/or tutorial objectives.   Please Go Here for some "copy and paste" instructions.

      Another significant Internet feature is for you to be able to use a "Search"  process to locate the use of an applicable key word, or term, within our Website (or Website groups).  As you can imagine, this resource is a tremendous help in finding what you need, etc.

       We are convinced that all Christ Centered Entities should be utilizing the appropriate Internet "Online Tools"  and resources as they manage their finances.  Accordingly our  "WebBOOKs"  will emphasize this.

        Please click on the links below for more topical information.   I covet your prayers for these overall endeavors.   Thank you.

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 Originated in  October 2009  and updated again on March 21, 2013