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                                              The use of QuickBooks (QBs) at a Church 


            We define HOMERS to be Ministry Finance savvy people who prefer to work from their home.  Which, of course, is more and more doable in today's  Internet Friendly environment.    Some HOMER examples are:

"Stay at Home Moms"

           According to  a recent report from the the U. S. Census Bureau,  millions of women are "STAY AT HOME MOMS."  Many of these very special ladies believe they should be at home while their kids are growing up. Praise the Lord for such commitment. But, a number of them probably need to earn an income as they serve remotely from their home ---- no daily commuting.   Some can occasionally meet in person with whom they are serving,  but the emphasis is "remote."   

"Retirees or Keen -Agers

          A number of us are in our retirement years when we are either full or part-time unemployed .......  but we want to use our time wisely as unto the Lord and remain active and productive.   Many have a background that offers much to members of a Ministry Finance Team.    Please Click Here  and read one o four Editorials along these lines.  Issues for this group include:

        >>      Due to preference or health, many will want to serve initially/occasionally --- but not regularly.    Or some 
               may want to help you get started and then only evaluate how you doing from time to time

        >>      Most will NOT need to earn an income, or they are volunteers with possible expense reimbursements
                aspects only

        >>       Some might be mobile and desire to travel out of town to a one-time assignment in/around a desired
                 recreational trip in the area. Often spouses can provide related assignment help. 

        >>       It is important that an applicable Ministry group does the supervising and/or training.

             "Bible College Students who are getting Ministry Finance training,  etc."

          I am convinced that such applicable supervised students would learn ever so much by serving in such a remote "HELPER" capacity that would be integrated within their course curricula there at the Christian School, etc. 



       Here are some ideas about how such remote Helper HOMERs might be involved:

>>    Provide appropriate QBs installation and/or assistance to your  Ministry Finance Team  ---  just use your imagination as to how this might be applicable.   Especially with the means these days to use such tools as:  

---      QBOE where approved HOMER helpers can go Online and remotely view the entire
       set  of QBooks; 
---      The SKYPE product where you both see each other and related data;  
---       Or make authorized arrangements to view someone else's desktop Online as you
        together look at the content of the QBs system.  

>>    As mentioned above, ......  such assignment could be a one-time or an ongoing relationship, etc.

>>    Please  Go Here   for some ideas about remotely helping Missionaries with their finance matters .

>>    Helping Christian BLVRs  with respect to Righteous Personal Finance   matters.


            Please contact me at Jim@bcidor.org  about some PENNY HOMER matters.


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