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             I am Retired Auditor-CPA Jim Bramer and I am sometimes known as  Jim Bee.   I am writing this free  WebBOOK  which means that you can read its content directly from your Internet connected computer.  Another feature is that it allows you as the eReader  to readily link to other Internet web pages.  Also If you want a hard copy of anything, you can simply print out the content of the page or you can highlight it and then cut/paste such information to a file on your desktop as per the instructions Found Here

WebBOOK complements what I do
via  where the primary goal is to function as a Church commissioned person (as if he were a fully supported Missionary) who provides helps to Ministry Finance Teams  of preferably smaller Christ-Centered Entities, or Ministries.  Examples are Churches,  Christian Schools (plus their auxiliaries - such as Parent Teacher Organization - PTO),  Missionary Organizations, and Christian Camps/Conferences.   Our prayer is that this WebBOOK contributes to that goal.

            This especially includes providing assistance to smaller Churches mentioned above.   Why ---   because, while many of you these days are somewhat Internet-oriented, the Church's " Bookkeepers and/or Treasurers"  (BeeTees,  if you please)  usually have very little formal accounting training.   Yet  they must  account for restricted monies there with their unique principles that are detailed when you go to  Ministry Fund Accounting.   It is our prayer that they will reach at least the following seven goals along these lines

01 - Pooled Bank accounts
02 - Readily know the complete balance in each Fund
03 - A single entry does the job
04 - Ease of setup and viewing of internal Financial Reports
05 - Spending Control (yea, Budget) capabilities
06 - Fund Balance "Carried Forward" Issues
07 - A One-Page condensed overview of financial information

            Please  Click Here for more specifics about these goals. 

           Of course, you can not manage something like this if you don't timely have the needed written "Financial Facts"  as provided by having the appropriate structure and timely doing the necessary money record keeping and reporting.  This makes "Good Cents",  doesn't it?  An accounting system normally has a History emphasis --- or it shows what has already happened to the financial resources that have come in and gone out along with its residual effects.  But, ideally, it should also provide information that enables the leaders to make prudent �up coming�  buying decisions. 

      Why have an WebBOOK about
the use of QuickBooks (QBs) at a Church           

           For some time we have been convinced that all  Christ-Centered  Entities  ---  especially those who handle $500,000 or less per year --- should make full use of what we call  Christian Ministry Finance Internet Friendly  Online Tools or resources.  This "Internet Friendly" term identifies a person as an Onliner with a fast Internet connection that uses their computer to at least once a day receive and send Email.  We are told that almost two thirds of U. S. Household now use mobile "Lap Top" computers with high-speed fast Internet Online connections and that current users are divided in the following age groups:  >>  Almost three fourths of all people age 18 - 40 >>  Some two thirds of all people aged 50 - 64 >>  and some quarter of all people age 65 and older.

            Within this context, we have discovered that accounting software like QuickBooks (QBs) enhances the capturing, processing and balancing of financial transactions. Or you enter the dollar transaction once, code/verify it and then let the system replicate that dollar information to applicable areas within the system�s structure.  Then you let the software accomplish your financial reporting frequency and objectives.   This is done without you having to manually accumulate data and do any more posting of common transaction totals, etc.

             I am also impressed with the feature that give you the appearance of typing (
there is no need to decipher hand written entries, etc.) data into a uniform blank form, etcOr they usually maximize the use of graphics like when you view and type a check appearing on the screen.  Another significant feature is that you have access to integrated databases of information that facilitates all transaction updating, processing and reporting. The means to memorize applicable parts/results of the system are also very helpful.   We are also impressed that applicable accounting software like QBs can electronically accept Bank and/or Plastic transactions which, of course, reduces the need to manually input the majority of the transaction detail.    

             Some of you use such resources whereby you do NOT buy software and place it on your Computer.  Or you pay a small monthly fee and go directly from your computer desktop to the applicable Web Based (or Internet )  product, etc.  This approach could also facilitate the full utilization of trained  Homers  who function from across the country or across the street as they remotely assist you.  



                                                                                                         T O O L S 

            This overall  Ministry Finance Internet Friendly  topic reminds all of us about the meaningful use of "Tools"  that Jim Bee  recently experienced.  Their son, Don, is a carpenter who recently helped Jim and Bettie update some things at their house.  It was quickly and efficiently done via the use of Don's "Contemporary" carpenter tools.  They were also impressed recently with "Tools" when they had some trees removed from their property --- the  "Lumber Jacks" of these days are much better equipped.  Also .....  how would you like to go across the USA from one ocean to the other via wagon train like it was done in the olden days?

             In order to be the very best steward of resources,  we must NOT always do things the "Old
Fashioned" way.  Sometimes we are questioned about using some of the "Tools"  available out there today;  We often get this message, whether articulated out loud or not:  "
In my view it seems that it ain't broke so why try to fix it."  Or   "let's not mess around with that stuff. Let's just do it the  'old fashioned'  true and  proven way like we have always done.  It seems that many are out of control anyway."  

            An example of being
Internet Friendly is that,  after you make a deposit,  you can go Online, bring your "Spending Control" information current and then know  (maybe even via your Cell Phone or Black Berry resources)  if you have money to spend in your area of responsibility.  Please access such sample reports when you  Go Here.   Another meaningful use of such tools is for you to go Online each week and pay off your Credit Card balance and therefore have no debt issues.  

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